Making Preparations


  • Matsuura City Hotels 1 night, 2 meals per person (tax included) ¥9,900~¥11,000

Please contact us and let us know your desired number of rooms and the number of people in your party.

Agriculture and fishing village people's experience
  • Guesthouse lodging experience includes making dinner together with the family of the house.
  • Guesthouse lodging experience One night, two meals per person (tax included) ¥11,000~ (Fees may change based on the number of people in your party.)

Experience Programs

We will prepare any of the programs, shown below, that you would like to try.

  • Instructor availability and times may vary during school trip seasons.
  • One program may be substituted for another in the case of inclement weather.
  • Program run times are estimates.
  • A minimum of three participants is required to hold a program.
  • Participants are responsible for their own transportation on premises.

Programs and Fees (Prices listed are for one individual. Taxes are included.)
Fishing Experience
Program Time Price
Pots and traps 2~3 hours ¥5,500
Octopus fishing 2~3 hours ¥5,500
Boat fishing 2~3 hours ¥5,500
Agriculture Experience
Program Time Price
Agriculture experience 2~3 hours ¥3,300
Rice harvesting 2~3 hours ¥3,850
Outdoor Experience
Program Time Price
Masu salmon fishing and salt grilling 2~3 hours ¥3,300
Raft building 2~3 hours ¥3,300
Culinary Experience
Program Time Price
Cooking: Satsuma fried fishcake 2~3 hours ¥3,850
Cooking: Yomogi rice cakes 2~3 hours ¥3,850
Cooking: Pressed sushi 2~3 hours ¥3,850
Cooking: Champon noodle soup 2~3 hours ¥3,850